Posted June 2, 2016 @ 9:30 pm

If you’ve been looking for a Ford Performance pushrod motor for your project build but have been disappointed by the lack of availability of these engines lately, we have some really great news for you!

BOSS Block

The resourcing of the BOSS block castings is moving on schedule and the first run of sample blocks and testing has been successfully completed.  The order bank for part number M-6010-BOSS302 block is open now, with production of the BOSS 351 9.5” deck height casting following the BOSS 302 by about 1 month – around July 1.


Ordering is open now for the BOSS 351 part number M-6010-BOSS35192 blocks, with orders filled in the order that they are received.

X347D Crate Engine

M-6007-X347DF (1)

The X347D crate engine is a new product aimed at the street customer and is the perfect fit for a wide range of enthusiast vehicles.  This engine has been designed and tuned for street cruising with a great balance of snappy acceleration and well behaved low speed drivability.  Shipments are projected for the end of June.

The M-6007-X347DF (front sump) and M-6010-X347DR (rear sump) engines can be ordered now and deliveries will be satisfied on a first-come-first-served basis.



X347SR Sealed Crate Engines

M-6007-D347SR, M-6007-D347SR7 and M-6007-S347JR engines can be ordered now.


Z2 Cylinder Head

The Ford Performance Engineers have developed an all new cylinder head for the Small Block Ford that delivers impressive street and strip performance while maintaining the OEM exhaust port location and standard (non-offset) rocker arms. The Z2 was designed with modern computer aided design tools and leading edge airflow knowledge and features the unique “Velocity Vane” intake port.  Availability of the M-6049-Z2 cylinder head is projected for early July.  Ordering for the Z2 head will open on June 20, but no pricing or other details have been announced as of yet.

Z2363 Crate Engines


The 363 crate engine will use the new Z2 cylinder head – that means no more fit issues or special headers. Z2363 Crate Engines maintain all OEM major mounting point locations so your customer can swap this engine anywhere a 289 or 302 was used.  The Z2363 makes 507 horsepower on pump gas and its 10.0:1 compression and hydraulic roller camshaft makes a real player on the street or strip.  Availability of the Z2363 Crate Engine is projected for mid-July. Ordering for the M-6007-Z2363FT (front sump) and M-6007-Z2363RT (rear sump) engines will open on June 20 with orders filled in the order that they are received.

Z2427, X427 and Z460 Crate EnginesM-6007-Z427FRT

These engines are expected to be ready to ship in early August.  The new Z2 head will be used on the Z2427 crate engine and will eliminate the need for special headers.  Ordering dates for these engines will be announced in July.

The Big Block Crate Engine is Back!

Ford Performance has announced that the Big Block Crate Engine is returning to their lineup.  Based on the A460 block and topped with SCJ cylinder heads, the Ford Performance Engineers have developed a 572 cubic inch crate that runs on pump gas.   The 572 comes ready to run with an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Holley carb and MSD distributor.  A hydraulic roller camshaft makes this engine street friendly.  Availability of the 572 Crate Engine is projected for mid-July.  Ordering for the M-6007-572DF (front sump) and M-6007-572DR (rear sump) engines will open on June 20 with orders filled in the order that they are received.  Again, no pricing has been announced but we are expecting the news shortly!


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