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  • CTEK Multi US 3300
    Extend the life of your battery with a CTEK battery charger when you are not driving your Ford GT. The microprocessor controller keeps the battery charged at optimum condition, ready to be used anytime, ideal for cars which are not driven for weeks at a time. The quick connect harness allows the charger to be easily connected anytime the car is not being driven. Perfect for motorcycles too! ..
  • NGK Spark Plug
    After extensive testing with the Ford GT, we’ve found that this specific heat range of NKG Spark Plug to be the most effective.   ..
  • Fuel Filter
    Stock replacement fuel filter for the Ford GT. The fuel filter should be drained once a year, regardless of accumulated mileage. ..
  • Oil Filter
    Stock replacement oil filter for the Ford GT. The dealers often do not stock these oil filters, best to buy one and keep it on hand. ..
  • Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs
    The addition of these powerful magnetic oil drain plugs will help insure that any loose pieces of metal do not find their way into your engine and cause undue damage. The set contains 3 plugs which easily replace OEM parts. ..
  • Powered By Ford Performance Badge
    Powered by Ford Performance classic fender badge Chrome plated 3-dimension nameplate with red, black and blue accents Badge measures 5 5/8" long by 1 5/8" high Self-adhesive backing designed for application on flat surfaces Includes 2 badges ..